C247 | Welcome to Panzer Glass

C247 | Welcome to Panzer Glass

C247 is pleased to announce our parent company Eurostar Global is now the official UK distributor for Panzer Glass - this means we can bring you the device protection from a World Leading manufacturer! 

Who is PanzerGlass? 

Over the years, PanzerGlass™ has become a synonym with superior screen protectors for mobile devices. Panzer Glass can protect all your devices; laptops, smartphones, tablets, displays in cars, and smartwatches. Today PanzerGlass™ is one of the leading screen protection brands in the world.

What is 'PanzerGlass'?

PanzerGlass is thin and shatter-proof screen protection made of specially tempered glass.

With a breaking strength that is nine times greater than ordinary glass, and a scratch-resistant surface, the original PanzerGlass is the ultimate protective glass for mobile devices. The specially designed PanzerGlass is only 0.4 mm thick and fits perfectly onto the iPhone 5/5S and 5C. With rounded corners and edges, the protective glass is also extra resistant to destructive impacts and shocks to the display's most vulnerable areas.

When is PanzerGlass available? 

RIGHT NOW! Visit https://www.c247.com/panzer-glass to view the range.

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