What can we expect to see from the Galaxy Z Fold 4?

What can we expect to see from the Galaxy Z Fold 4?

The release of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 in August of 2021 was one of Samsung’s greatest smartphone launches, with its huge 7.6inch AMOLED display that addressed many of the durability concerns of its predecessor. On top of that, there was the addition of S-Pen support, a new taskbar and an in-screen camera. With much to live up to, is the Galaxy Z Fold4 going to impress?

The Galaxy Z Fold4 is likely to follow the same pattern as the Galaxy Z Fold3 and 2 by having an August announcement date, with a release date following several weeks later. From what we can see, it appears that we can gauge a lot of what we can expect from the Galaxy Z Fold4 from the new features brought to us in the S22 range, specifically in the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

It’s likely that we will be seeing the same 7.6-inch display on the Galaxy Z Fold4 as we did with the Galaxy Z Fold3. The Galaxy Z Fold3 was certainly ahead of the curve when it came to its display’s inclusions: Gorilla Glass Victus, 120Hz display and Dynamic AMOLED 2X. So, it's apparent that there isn’t actually much room for improvement for the display. What we can expect to see is a slight upgrade to Corning Gorilla Glass Victus +. In tandem with this, several leaks have pointed towards the Galaxy Z Fold4 coming with a slot for a rumoured S-Pen.

Let’s talk about the camera. Now, this is something that many considered to be a shortfall for the Galaxy Z Fold3 and we’d agree. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 had three 12MP cameras: a main, a telescope and an ultrawide, and this were hugely inferior to the Samsung Galaxy S21’s 64MP lens. It’s possible the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is going to adopt the same camera system as the Samsung Galaxy S22, which includes a 10MP 3x telephoto lens as well as a 50MP main lens. This combined with the improved AI technology driving the cameras will make for some truly amazing shots - if our hunch is right.

The final inclusion we are expecting in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is an improved battery. Now, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 came with a 4400mAh battery, a good size as far as smartphone batteries are concerned. Well yes; but not to power the equivalent of two smartphone screens. The general consensus around the battery life from this handset was that it was good, but not the best, with many getting less than a day of screen time, with moderate to high usage. In essence, there are many ways Samsung can get around this, and predicting which way they’ll see fit is tricky. It’s certain that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is going to come with both Android 12 and a new chip (most likely the Exynos 2200 found in the S22). With a new chip and hardware, Samsung may be able to lengthen the battery life of the 4400mAh chip to over a day with a simple power efficiency redesign. The alternative is that Samsung opts for a larger battery, that can support the power usage of two screens for longer.

The horizon for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is broad, and we are excited to see what the range has in store for us next. The Fold and Flip series of phones are both unique devices and have certainly established their utility within the smartphone market. While many would class the Fold and Flip series phones as a gimmick, Samsung are driven to change the dynamic of portable handhelds for the future.

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