What can we expect from iOS 16?

What can we expect from iOS 16?

Apple has recently unveiled everything we need to know about their upcoming tech releases at their Worldwide Developer Conference on 6th June.


The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is an annual conference that gives everyone a first insight into their latest platforms and technologies. The purpose of the conference is to keep developers up to date with Apple's latest framework developments so that apps can be updated.  Apple also holds a one-day keynote for consumer-based announcements, to give people like us the tech scoop we've all been waiting for. This week's blog looks at one of the biggest announcements at this year's WWDC, the new upcoming Apple operating system, iOS 16.


While Apple's security-related updates occur regularly, fully-fledged software revisions only happen once a year and are usually brought out alongside the release of a new device around late September time. Apple's preview of iOS 16 revealed a plethora of exciting features that not only enhance the iPhone user experience but also add extra security and safety in ways you definitely wouldn't expect.



The upcoming iOS 16 will launch alongside the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. In terms of devices that will support the new IOS, everything after the iPhone 8 will be supported. Unfortunately for those using an iPhone 7 or older, you'll miss out on the update and any future support, which puts you at an increased risk of a security breach. To avoid losing out on the new features of IOS 16 and any increased security risks, you might want to check out the budget-friendly iPhone SE (2020), which is a particularly good option, if you don't want to break the bank but want to stay in the Apple ecosystem and benefit from the new iOS features.  Alternatively, hang on for the iPhone 14 and buy it on C247.com when they launch.



Apple users will be able to edit and delete sent messages, as well as mark any read message as unread through iMessage. Now whilst a minor addition for those of you, who want to ghost your other half for a few more hours, it may be something you'll love using. But what's else? Apple is expected to give their messaging app more social network functionality, specifically with audio messages. This could entail some of the audio message updates we've seen on Snapchat's recent update, whereby voice messages can be slowed down or sped up, as well as directly replied to.


Lock Screen

One of the key focal points behind iOS 16 is the all-new re-imagined lock screen. The new lock screen will allow users to customise a number of elements, including the date and time font and add widgets; yes widgets.


Now, while widgets on Apple have been around since iOS 14's release in 2020, we were never able to have lock screen widgets, nor were we able to have live updates, which will be a core feature of iOS 16.  These live widgets continuously update with the latest information, rather than giving you multiple and increasingly annoying notifications. This feature will be great when you want to look at live football scores, track current stock prices, or even see how close your Uber is. Apple claims there are millions of possible lock screen design combinations with this new update, which means there will be something for everyone, meaning you can tailor the lock screen to your own tastes.





While on the topic of lock screens, let's talk notifications. Notifications in iOS 16, will roll up from the bottom of the screen, while on the lock screen, rather than down from the top, to help users have a clear view of their personalised lock screen.


Apple Pay

Now Apple Pay is definitely nothing new, and something that we'd say is already well optimised in its current revision. What is new, however, is Apple Pay Later which is Apple's new service that, allows its users to pay for purchases in four instalments over six weeks with no interest. This is similar to other services, such as Klarna's Buy Now Pay Later, that you can use to make your purchase on our C247 store. However, the main difference is that Apple Pay Later can be used in stores at the checkout and doesn't have to be confined to online purchases. Pretty neat if you ask us.


Car Crash Detection

Remember the aforementioned extra security and safety in ways you definitely wouldn’t expect? Well, this is it: Apple's car crash detection is a feature that allows iPhones to detect when a car crash has occurred and automatically dial the emergency services, notifying them of your location. Now, this feature was seen on the Google Pixel phones. However, Pixels aren't as widely used as iPhones, so many will be unaware that these features exist. The feature uses the accelerometer sensor found inside both iPhones and Apple watches to detect collisions by recording any sudden large spike in G-force, linked to a sudden and rapid decrease in speed.


Apple's iOS 16 is set to be one of Apple's largest software updates in terms of new features, ever. We're extremely excited to get our hands on the new update and the new iPhone later this year, which we look forward to reviewing in detail. Let us know your thoughts and your favourite feature coming in iOS 16 in the discussion box below!



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