Roaming Charges explained - using your Mobile in Europe

Roaming Charges explained - using your Mobile in Europe

Following the UK’s exit from the EU and the terms and conditions of the Brexit trade deal the typical charges and regulations behind roaming (being able to use network services abroad) have changed and below breaks down what changes you may face on your network. There are four networks in the UK so MVNO’s or Mobile Virtual Network Operators such as Tesco Mobile, GiffGaff etc will follow the same changes as their parent network. If you’re unsure of what network your provider is using you can find out online.


Commencing in May 2022 people who have a contract that starts in or after October 2021 will have to pay a £2 daily charge in order to use their network services from UK contracts within the EU and with that there is also the introduction of a £5 daily charge for roaming in specific countries outside of the EU.


O2 & Virgin Mobile
As part of all tariffs, O2 and Virgin Mobile will cover all roaming costs when using their network services in the EU. If you reach your roaming data usage whilst in the EU then you’ll be charged £3.50/GB of data thereafter.


EE have already introduced their £2 per day roaming charge for its users when using their network services outside of the UK within Europe like Three however their changes in roaming fees will only affect you if you have taken out or upgraded your contract with them after July 2021.


Vodaphone have already introduced their charges on roaming and these are to anyone who has joined or upgraded in 2022. This entails up to £2 a day charge to use network services depending on your mobile phone’s tariff. The majority of Vodaphone tariffs will be £2 a day for roaming with specific ‘roaming passes’ available for half of that. Vodaphone offer ‘Xtra Plans’ which are their more expensive, feature packed tariffs which typically include high data allowances and 5G. For these tariffs, roaming in the EU will be at no extra cost.

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