Mobile World Congress (MWC Barcelona) makes a welcome return

Mobile World Congress (MWC Barcelona) makes a welcome return

What is MWC and where is it held?


The last two years have marked some of the most challenging years in recent history, and like every other industry, the mobile phone industry has faced its challenges. Fast-forward to the start of 2022, and with a glimmer of hope that the effects of COVID and Omicron are now slowly fading, Mobile World Congress returns in style. 


MWC Barcelona is the world’s most influential event for the connectivity industry. Hosted by GSMA, this years event will be held between the 28th February and 3rd March 2022.  Trailblazers, precocious start-ups and world-leading companies share what’s new and what the future of connectivity looks like.


Who’s going to be there?


Attended by global mobile phone operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors and content owners, to be there is to be “seen”.  With the pent-up demand of the last two years, this year's show promises much. Ground-breaking products, innovative technologies and much more, coupled with the chance to re-establish connections that may have been lost, are all part of what makes the event special.


This year’s show will likely see some new faces and some returning names, as a two-year hiatus has left many with nothing more than a digital showcase, which for some, like Sony and Lenovo, is key to their brand strategy.  But with big names from the industry and beyond taking stands at the show, this year promises much. With well over 1,000 companies exhibiting 2022’s MWC Barcelona, it promises to be a good one.


Why is it important to


MWC Barcelona is important, as it showcases what’s up and coming in the connectivity industry. It showcases new products, new devices, new technology, which we’re intending to have available on (assuming we can get our hands on all of them!).  And, this year, we’re going to be attending in person, bringing you a range of news and information, including exciting product updates, videos from the show, interviews and comments from key exhibitors and attendees.


Not only that, MWC Barcelona allows us to bring to you what’s coming, and as we grow and expand our products and range, we hope to showcase many of the new products which will make an entrance at this year’s show.


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