Did Apple just confirm their first AR headset?

Did Apple just confirm their first AR headset?

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, has recently confirmed that they are working on an augmented reality (AR) device. As a company, Apple has always been keen to bring out innovations based on where the tech industry is headed, and considering the stir Mark Zuckerberg created upon his announcement of his Metaverse vision, we are almost certain that Apple's AR device will be crafted specifically for the integration of web 3.0. Considering the upcoming AR/VR headset as mentioned by Cook, it indicates the device is well in its advanced stage of development, and it could be possible to see a debut in the not-so-distant future.


If you're unsure of what Virtual Reality is, or VR as it's widely known, it's a fully immersive computer-simulated experience that people can interact with. Many game applications for VR include simulations such as driving, sports and others. Augmented Reality (AR) is an interactive experience shared through goggles, similar to VR, which essentially overlays a computer-generated environment onto the current real world, to create a shared experience between the two entities.


Design & Features


From the leaks, we know that Apple is creating both a VR and an AR device all-in-one, with the focal point being AR functionality. The design that Apple will decide to adopt to house the device is still unclear. Will they opt for a lightweight 'glasses-esque' frame or opt for a more traditional strap-on headset approach? It's difficult to decipher at the moment, considering that this is set to be the world's first combined AR/VR device, which is hugely exciting! Our calculated guess is that the device will use a chassis similar to the Oculus GO 2 with a lighter, sleeker approach, made possible by alternate soft-touch materials. We can expect the headset to feature two OLED displays, one for each eye, that will allow users to both see people standing in front of them, as well as behind virtual objects.


Apple's AR headset is expected to have eye-tracking capabilities built-in and it is thought that this can be used to select items on menus or options in apps with just your eyes, which is impressive. However, the awe doesn't stop there. The Apple AR headset will feature a plethora of exterior cameras and lidar sensors. These will be able to map surfaces, edges and measure rooms. While many would assume the headset would need to be mapped to an iPhone, Mac, or other Apple device, it seems that the Apple AR device will be able to operate independently without the need for a third-party Apple device.


Price & Release Date


The Apple AR headset is rumoured to start production in Q4 of 2022. However, the release date is not expected to be until early 2023, so it's possible that Apple may decide to announce this at MWC 2023. In traditional Apple fashion, their debut device is not going to be cheap, particularly one packed with heaps of tech like their AR headset. This class-leading mixed reality device is rumoured to be around £1099. While this is expensive, we do need to keep in mind that Apple is the industry leader for mobile phones, smartwatches, and tablets, so we can be sure this will be crafted to perfection upon release and will deliver an experience like no other.




The screens themselves will be rich in colour and contrast, featuring a high-resolution display, so high in fact, that it may be in excess of 3000ppi. To put this into perspective, Apple's iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro have a PPI density of 460, which means Apple's AR headset will have more than 6 times the pixels per inch. It's more than likely each display will be 4K, which is expected from a premium Apple device like this. Of course, for such a behemoth of technological madness, this will require only the top processing capabilities. This is why the Apple AR headset is expected to feature a processing unit equivalent to the M1 Ultra, which is currently Apple's fastest chip on the market, and featured in the 2022 Mac Studio.


Our Thoughts


It will be interesting, especially at its price point, whether Apple’s AR headset will take off as Apple intends it to, or whether this will be disregarded in the lost world of debacle tech. We can’t forget the original Apple Watch didn’t take off well until version 3. Most of us were unaware of its existence until this point. Moreover, Apple’s AirPods took off straight away, so it will be interesting to see how many versions it may take for Apple to bring us a headset that will reach the volume of sales seen by its other devices. Our honest opinion is that it will likely take a couple of version releases and include a more budget-friendly variant, for this to be something an everyday consumer can look at and consider buying. The Apple AR headset is an exciting product, and we’re looking forward to seeing what Apple has up their sleeves for it. Let us know what your thoughts are in the discussion box below.

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