C247's Upcoming Tech for 2023

C247's Upcoming Tech for 2023

It’s officially 2023! 2022 was an innovative year that saw many advancements in the world of tech. From VR and augmented reality to smartphone advancements, there was a whole heap of developments – and that’s not to mention Dyson’s air purifier headphone contraption they unveiled in December. Needless to say, 2023 is set to be a huge year for the world of technology, and if one thing is certain, it’s that AI is going to leverage its potential more than it’s ever done before – the future is looking bright. Today we’re going to kick off 2023 with our picks on the upcoming tech to look out for this year.

Upcoming Smartphone – Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
With so many anticipated flagships set to drop in 2023, choosing this was far from easy, and while many came close, we picked the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra to feature in today's blog. It's been almost a whole year since the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra was released, and we're more than confident that its successor will be brought to us in Q1 of this year. The Samsung Galaxy S22 brought about an abundance of welcomed alterations from its Galaxy S21 predecessor, including a brand new 4nm Qualcomm processor and a refined armour aluminium frame. It’s safe to say that it will have some pretty big shoes to fill when it arrives – and from what we know about the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra so far – those shoes may not be big enough! Big features to look forward to on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra include 8K recording, a battery capacity higher than 5000mAh and last but certainly not least, the reported 200mp camera.

Upcoming Tablet – OnePlus Tab
The last year 2022, was a tremendous year for OnePlus. We got a OnePlus 10 Pro flagship, a OnePlus 10T (the first OnePlus device to feature 150W fast charging) and a heap of other smart tech to add to OnePlus’ inventory, not to mention that they even dabbled into the gaming monitor and peripheral market. Now, whilst all that was brilliant, one thing we didn't see was a OnePlus tablet. Quite a simple thing to overlook when you're building a wide technology range; nevertheless, whilst nothing is set in stone, we do have a lot of tech leaks all pointing towards a OnePlus tablet with a 12.4" OLED display and a Snapdragon 865 and 6GB RAM. Assuming OnePlus would release a tablet range rather than a singular device, a well-manufactured product line from OnePlus will be good enough to stack up against Samsung’s tablet range – given that the flagship makes the cut.

Upcoming Smartwatch – Apple Watch Series 9
Apple will likely hold two events this year: their first event in Q1 of this year, usually around March, and a second event around September for their iPhone release. Whilst there is a possibility of a March Apple event occurring, chances are we wouldn’t see any sign of the Apple Watch Series 9 until Apple’s summer event considering it was released at that time last year. In terms of what we can expect from the Apple Watch Series 9, the Series 8 showcased Apples Watch OS 9.0, so we’re definitely bullish about the Apple Watch Series 9 being released with Apple Watch OS 10. This may adopt a refreshed UI design over the prior Apple Watch OS versions we’re all used to. On top of this, last year’s Series 8 showcased Apple’s new car crash detection and emergency SOS functionality, so we’re expecting this to continue into the next generation. Alongside the common premium features featured on Apple Watches, e.g. blood oxygen, sleep, and heart rate monitoring, we can confidently expect a larger, more efficient battery on the Apple Watch Series 9. The design won’t differ too much from previous generations of the Apple Watch Series 9, with most sources pointing towards a more pronounced curve on display with the potential of it adopting Apple’s Mini LED display technology, which we’ve seen being rolled out on MacBook’s and the iPad Pro but not yet any watches. One feature we’re particularly optimistic about is the adoption of 5G on an Apple Watch. While Apple watches have been able to house SIM cards since the Series 4, none of them has been able to support 5G. Could this be the first?

Upcoming Audio – Nothing Ear 2
There’s no official release date on the Nothing Ear 2, and with that, no leaks or information pointing any clues towards specifications. However, our inclination is with Nothing releasing two sets of wireless earbuds last year: The Nothing Ear 1's in July and Nothing Ear Stick in October, it's more than likely that they will bring forward at least one more set of wireless earphones in 2023. We have to consider the fact that Nothing is still a young company; however, their products so far have shown us that they have no time for boundaries. When you consider this, as well as the fact that Nothing released their first two pairs of wireless earphones in the space of 6 months, we can't see any reason why they won't bring us the successor to their Nothing Ear 1's this year. Many of the design traits of the Nothing Ear 2 are likely to derive from the Nothing Ear 1's, such as the transparent body and short squared-off stems. The internals of the Nothing Ear 1'S will undoubtedly have an upgrade with larger drivers for beefier audio and a more well-rounded experience. Our best bet is that we can expect to see more around the anniversary of the Nothing Ear 1 in July 2023, so keep your eyes peeled!

 There’s so much to look forward to this year just from this list alone, and this is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s to come. If you want to stay updated on more tech to look out for in 2023, stay tuned for our next article and any suggestions you have for blogs, be sure to let us know in the discussion box below. Happy New Year!

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