C247's most iconic phones in history

C247's most iconic phones in history

It's been almost 46 years since the first-ever phone call was made in New York and at the time no one would've ever envisioned it to have stemmed into the very current technology we can't live without today. With paper-thin screens, weighing as much as a bag of change the smartphones of today have come a long way, but what were the handsets that helped shape the current technology we have today? Let's take a trip down memory lane and see our picks on the most iconic mobiles of phone history. Let us know in the discussion section your personal favourite out of our picks and whether you have owned any of them!


Nokia 3310
One of the most successful phones of all time: The Nokia 3310. This was an iconic mobile device released in the year 2000. It sold over 126 million units worldwide in its first 3 months. It offered basic features such as calls, instant messaging however allowed for three times longer messages than the standard SMS messages at the time and as well as allowed for screensavers and customisable messages and ringtones. The battery life was extremely long battery life at 22 hours on a single charge and came with Snake II pre-installed.


Classic Blackberry
The first Blackberry was released in September 2002 which brought its trademark physical keyboard to the smartphone market which no other smartphone had quite managed to perfect. The device came with an abundance of interest with many celebrities including former US President Barak Obama vouching for the handset. The Blackberry was the first smartphone to bring desktop PC features to smartphones introducing both Internet access as well as wireless email capability which made it a huge hit for businesses.



IBM Simon
From 1994 the Simon was the worlds first 'smartphone' however was never branded as one. It had a touchscreen display, pre-installed apps that are commonly found even on current phones today such as a calculator, calendar, notepad and more.

Sony Ericson W800
The W800 had an MP3 player built-in and expandable memory up to 2GB. This was the first phone released by Sony Ericsson after they partnered. It came with a 2-megapixel camera with video recording, Bluetooth, MP3 ringtones, wallpapers, 3G and infrared connectivity. Packed a lot of premium features for a handset of 2005.

Vodafone VT1 (1985)
Phone the first phone call in the UK was made on. The call was made on Vodaphone’s network at midnight on January 1st 1985 by Michael Harrison. At the time these handsets retailed for a huge £1,475.


Nokia 6110
First mobile phone with snake game built in. Released in 1998, the phone could hold 50 contacts and included 2 other games apart from the iconic snake.


T mobile G1 
The first android phone was produced in 2008. The T-Mobile G1 was manufactured by HTC and whilst it wasn’t the sleekest device on the market, with competitors in the industry including the likes of the iPhone 3G, it marked a start of an android legacy.


Technophone Excell PC105T
The Excell was the first pocketable phone which was brought to the market in 1986. The excell had an interesting origin story as it was created by Nils Martensson, a former employee of one of its competitors: Sony Ericsson. It is arguable that this was the spark that drove the industry towards the mainstream production of pocket-size devices.


Samsung Galaxy S 
Samsung’s Galaxy S was the start of what is arguably one of if not the most successful phone lines ever. The smartphone came feature-packed and was a prime competitor for the iPhone 4 amongst many other Android competitors at the time. It had 16GB of storage, a 1GHz processor, a Super AMOLED touchscreen display which was rare to see on flagships of 2010. With the release of this phone and the start of the Galaxy series, the competition between Apple and Samsung has started! 


NOKIA 6650
Released in September 2002 the 6650 was Nokia's first commercial 3G phone. The phone featured a WAP browser and Bluetooth alongside Nokia’s standard apps and an external antenna which was one of the last Nokia phones to come with antennas before the technology allowed for them to be just as efficient inside the handset.

iPhone 3G
Shortly after the release of the first iPhone was the iPhone 3G- the first iPhone with the
Apple Appstore, which at the time included over 500 apps. It had a better battery life than
the previous one, a new operating system, new features such as GPS and 3G data,
and it was more affordable than the first iPhone. Also, it had 552 apps on the "App Store" which was launched by Apple.

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