About us

Born out of a need for change, C247.COM is the UK’s freshest, revolutionary on-line consumer tech retail brand. C247® has been trading as a brand for 11 years but became its own entity within the group during 2019. Connected247 Ltd  is a Eurostar Group company, and the C247® brand is short for “Connected247”. C247.COM is here to revolutionise the way in which you buy your mobile devices and give you the flexibility to manage them in a simple and effective way while saving you lots of money.


A single point of sale, will allow you to purchase, protect, manage and fund your devices in a way that works for you. You can upgrade your device whenever you like and you can change your network provider as often as you wish.

A larger group business purchases millions of devices from all the leading manufacturers every year and services our consumer brand, C247.COM who are now going to bring you the cost savings benefits and widest range of devices.

We may live in a connected world, but the power should always remain with the people. C247.COM is here to put you back in control of your devices, your money and your choices.

For more information on who we are, what we do and our ethos, please visit our blog page, our social channels, subscribe to our newsletter or ping us an email at enquiries@c247.com

Team C247®